Spar is an opinionated framework that makes developing and deploying single-page web apps and static websites using modern front-end technology like SASS, Haml, and Coffeescript a cinch.

We created Spar to decouple front-end development and deployment from specific backend languages like ruby, python, or Java.

Who should use Spar?

Under the hood, Spar uses Rack and Sprockets to provide a powerful asset pipeline similar to Rail's asset pipeline. If you're familiar with the Rail's asset pipeline, you'll feel right at home with Spar.

We’ve got some examples to get you going.

What makes Spar different?

Launch Codes

  gem install spar
  spar new YOUR_APP
  spar server


  spar deploy production

Mission Control

A full mission brief can be found at our GitHub repo here on planet Earth.

Issues, forks, and pull requests will be addressed in a timely fashion!

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